Pale Blue Dot

Imagine we were once together, close like the universe, a unity – strong,

built of energy, warmth and soul – static, circling in an electric flow.

But then, there came       a massive bang,

a sudden heat, a lightning strike,

explosion           it might,implosion outside,

in the end we were torn                                  apart.

Since                      then                        we                        spread

across in space,


and meaningless, it seems,

clinging to what’s                                  steady instead,

‘till gravity         calls     for        our      kind.

This magnetic attraction helps,

to awake

our inner impulse                                                                   h  i  d  d e  n

in dust

and luminous shine,

of our hearts                                         we leave behind.

But what rests there is truly precious,

– a      m  i   r   a   c   l   e

we rarely speak of, a myth many don’t trust in,

but we                                    need to ignite,

that’s our purpose of life.


Pale Blue Dot

© unbekannt