Apartment Rent

I used to wonder about the reason why we are here. The sense of life. But after all these years I basically found out that it doesn’t matter. It only matters what we do with the time that is given to us. It’s interesting to know, still, if there’s any reason. But I accept that I might never know. That’s okay. I’d rather do my best and leave one day, knowing I did my share. 

If there is no reason at all, I know now that humans are bound to this planet. We need the sound of air, birds singing, waves crushing into high cliffs. We need the smell of plants, flowers, we need the sight of horizons. We need to see clouds. We need to breath, to stand on solid ground or dive into deep oceans. Our greatest feature is our urge to explore. But we should never forget whatever we discover, we need a planet.

Sometimes I find myself grounded. When everything of my life, my luxury life, disappears the only thing that’s left, are my feet on the ground. Watching above the horizon, the birds flying and leaves and branches dancing in the wind. The seasons change the whole planet over and over again. Seeing this beauty, makes me genuinely happy. We are renter of an expensive and generous apartment. Shouldn’t we take care of it? Imagine what we did and what we were without it.